Specs For Custom Printed Vinyl Albums

Let Indy Vinyl Pressing vinylize your music! LPs in a kaleidoscope of custom vinyl colors to choose from. Custom printed single and gate-fold album jackets. Free MP3 hosting and free download card for each packaged LP.

Vinyl Information

We provide 12" vinyl LP records. Specifically, 140 gram and 180 gram pressings. Available in a myriad of colors to choose from and stunningly-unique marbled, swirled and splatter vinyl pressings, these high quality records that undergo a strict quality control inspection to ensure flawless playability from mastering, to lacquer cutting to final pressing.

Many record pressing facilities find negligible audio quality differences between the 2 weights, however there are studies that suggest 180 gram vinyl pressings are "sonically" superior, especially when played back on premium or concert-hall quality playback equipment. 180 gram is appears noticeably thicker than 140 gram platter, in that respect, 180 gram is less prone to warping and represents a longer-lasting platter.

A lacquer master is a smooth, acetate coated aluminum disc. Grooves are "cut" into the disc on a lathe containing your analog audio master. An individual lacquer master is need for both Side A and B. The metal stamping plates are made which then "stamp" the actual LPs. Lacquer masters typically last 5000 pressings and may need replacing for re-orders.

Electroplating, known as) "Plating" is the metal molding process that comes from the lacquer master. A thin coat of silver is sprayed onto the lacquer master. The lacquer master is then dipped into a nickel bath to be "metallized" or "plated". Once the lacquer master is removed from the nickel bath, the "metallized" plate is then separated from the original lacquer. This first plate is referred to as the "father". The "father" is a negative of the final LP, and can be plated again to make the "mother" which is a metal duplicate of the original lacquer master. During order processing you will be given the option of a 2-step plating, for orders less than 5000 or 3-step plating, for orders more than 5000.

You will be provided with 3 test pressings for review and approval prior to us pressing your order. Ideally you'll receive flawless test pressing as most of our test pressings we reject ourselves before being shipped, but you should still listen closely to the test pressing and let us know if there is anything in the audio that sounds like it should be there.

We provide for all the printed elements for your project… single, double-gatefold and triple-gatefold jackets with embossing or foil-stamped printing as well as printed inner-sleeves, custom foil stickers - we'll print runs as low as 100! (Most printed items available 90% post-consumer waste printed with soy-based inks) We'll provide templates and all printing specifications, as well as pre-flight high-resolution proofs for inspection and approval prior to printing.

We can provide templates to for album jackets, inserts, center-labels and stickers. We prefer all graphic files to be submitted to us as "Hi Rez PDF's in CMYK" Feel free to ask us any questions about your graphics materials.

Probable turn times: Expect test pressings within 2-3 weeks... Assume 8-9 weeks from approval of test pressings and art file proofs. You will be given a guaranteed completion date upon approval of test pressing.