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We offer superior Vinyl LP pressing and packaging! We specialize in 12” 140 gram and 180 gram vinyl LP pressing & custom LP Album Jacket Printing!

Introducing the
GatefoldPLUS™ album Jacket!

A unique album jacket package allowing the artist to include DISCS with a 12” vinyl LP!

Up to 4 Standard Optical Media Discs can be packed on board the GatefoldPLUS album jacket – You can include any combination of CD’s, SACD’s, Hi Resolution Blu-Ray Disc, DVD-A disc, or Standard DVD and Blu-ray Video Discs!

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We provide 12" and 7" custom 140g/180g vinyl records and offer a myriad of unique custom packaging options

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Indy Vinyl Pressing is a division of Optical Media Manufacturing, Inc. located in Indianapolis, Indiana. OMM, Inc. has been offering physical media services and solutions to the Entertainment Industry for 15 years with a management team that has worked exclusively in the media manufacturing ecosystem for over 30 years!

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IVP provides for a menagerie of vinyl colors to match the creativity you’re trying to achieve. Our line-up of standard color choices include transparent and solid varieties that look great by themselves or can be mixed together to create a specific color to match your project.

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